Drusilla de Mort

Next up in the Althemy community is Drusilla de Mort - a Czech visual artist, who is both a gifted photographer and gorgeous model, and since recently a death metal vocalist as well. This multi-talented girl has one dream; to become a famous photo model.

She has been discovered by a Czech photographer who was looking for interesting new models. Since then, she fell in love with the camera, and has started practicing photography in front and behind the lens.
Things she cannot live without include her boyfriend, her friends and her music.

She has been attending many practices of her boyfriend's band called "Soul Massacre", and on one occasion he invited her to start singing for them, but in growl style. Initially she refused, but after some time of thinking, she found idol in Angela Gossow, ex singer of band Archenemy, and she started practicing growling as well. Now she's the main vocal of the band!

To follow Drusilla's work, you can register to her website on Althemy and stay tuned! 


Tenshi arrived to Althemy's cosplay community to help empowering it and building it up! This Serbian cosplayer has her cosplay values and preferences set in stone. She takes pride in making all of her costumes herself, and her characters are chosen in an unusual manner - while she adores cosplaying boys, both characters of guilty pleasures or proven quality ones, she chooses only girls with strong backstories and ones really dear to her. She even did a few cosplays of characters whose gender is unknown, or left to adapt to the audiences' preferences.

Tenshi as Kamui Gakupo, in an original Cybergoth design she created for this character

She mostly cosplays characters from Japanese franchises, but she's recently broken that custom by cosplaying Desire of The Endless, and hopes to recreate a few characters from her favorite games soon as well.

Tenshi as the genderless Desire, of Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series

She says that she cannot really decide which cosplay of hers is her favorite, so she picked two - a girl and a boy. Her dearest boy is a Vocaloid, dancing samurai Kamui Gakupo. As for the girl, she finds herself in the character of Utena Tenjou, the girl who became a Prince.


To follow Tenshi, visit her website at Althemy!

Okkido Cosplay

For the month of December, Althemy family got bigger for another talented artist, a cosplayer and gothic model - Okkido, from Hungary. This girl is a member of two alternative communities - she represents her real self through her gothic creations, while her hobby - cosplay, satisfies her need for brushing up her already amazing costuming skills.

Having started cosplaying nine years ago, Okkido has had many opportunities to present her fantastic costumes to the world. Her costumery got better by the year, and she won numerous awards at many competitions in her home country, Hungary. It appears that, when she chooses a franchise, she does many costumes for each one of them - be it Trinity Blood, Alice: Madness Returns, or Warhammer 40.000. Each cosplay of hers is more complex and more beautiful than the last. Of course, she dwells in costumes of various thematics - games, movies and anime. 

Okkido in one of her stunning Warhammer 40k costumes

She prides herself in mastery of many techniques, such as armor crafting, sewing, and painting. She says for herself that she is somewhat slow of a craftsman, but it seems that it's well worth her while.
She has made several tutorials for her cosplay props, additionally contributing to cosplay community.

Okkido as Haydée Tebelin of Gankutsuou

In her daily life, Okkido expresses her personality through gothic subculture, and enjoys wearing beautiful Goth couture. She likes to say that this is her real self, and that she feels most comfortable this way. 


To see more of wonderful Okkido's artistry, visit her site at Althemy community.

Gothic & Amazing

We had a great pleasure of welcoming the Gothic & Amazing magazine to our platform. As a Gothic lifestyle magazine, their primary motive is to show to the world that not all that is Goth is dark and depressing, but rather beautiful and inspiring instead. Their goal is to support anyone from the world of Gothic, be them models, photographers, designers, bands, or creators of any kind of Goth art.

The idea was born, as they say, to show that supporting each other, people could grow along with their pages. So from one person’s dream, a team of people with the same beliefs was created, the G&A team. They are now making their mark and showing how they all see the goth-subculture.

They have already featured many a Gothic artist, including some who already have their websites on the Althemy platform. While their magazine is published online monthly, paperback issue is being published four times a year. They also make their calendar on a yearly basis. 

Let us all wish them good luck on their journey and support them on their Althemy website!! 


This time we have a great joy of presenting to you Demist - a symphonic metal band from Belgrade, Serbia. Formed in 2008 by vocalist Dragica Maletic and keyboardist Marko Lukic, this band has evolved to their current line-up followed by bassist Ilija Markovic, guitarist Stefan Gajic , and drummer Mladen Jovanov. All of the members have been ever-passionate for metal music, including bands like Nightwish, Evanescence, Kamelot, Tristania, In Flames, Disturbed, Moonspell, Sins of Thy Beloved, all of which they have listed as their inspiration.

Demist at Gothic Art Festival Belgrade
Their mixture of gothic, progressive and melodeath metal sounds results in a new twist on, as they like to call it, a well-known female-vocals-with-grunts formula; giving it a new strength and making them stand out from the group. Demist songs range from the sweet, flowing melodies to the harder, heavier and darker songs. However, the band remains consistent in its recognizable style, constantly surprising the listener and drawing him deeper into the band's sound. 

Cover art of Demist's debut album, "Guilt and Pleasures"
Demist has released their first album in summer 2015, winning hearts and devotion of many local fans, gathering many abroad as well. The album has had a great success, and the band is ready to make the next year even better and more fruitful.
Let's wish them luck with their future projects!!
You can follow Demist on their website on Althemy.

Kali Noir Diamond

Yet another guest here at Althemy is beautiful Kali Noir Diamond. She is a true gem in the world of Gothic modelling. This wonderful girl is loudly promoting friendship and cohabitation within alternative communities, often stating that equality and good spirits are what brings us together. She also says that she cannot consider people who follow her work fans nor followers in the real meaning of the term, but as friends and dear people instead.

Bravely into Gothic subculture

On her Althemy site, she talks about her modelling, Gothic community, issues and struggles within it, and is its outspoken member. Kali likes to say that rather than defining her, her Goth affinity is a part of her she wishes to share in order to immortalize some of the rich Gothic subculture.

Kali adores spreading rich Goth lore

Kali is a cat lover, and has a passion about sweets and coffee, which she thinks is a complement for her dark lifestyle and fashion taste. She points out that she is no slave to her artistic name, but only wants that people can know her by something catchier and simply easier to spell.


To follow stunning work and of this Diamond, visit her at Althemy.

Marttah Devilish

Shall we start with a question?

Can you comprehend a person only by listing & viewing all their virtues and skills?
Well, this time you can surely try because we will make an effort to introduce you to a young lady who is not only a sole Macedonian model & actress, but also a Miss Intelligence with Nanotechnology education background. Unique in every way.

All these compelling facts grace Marta Dimoska a.k.a Marttah Devilish.

This multidisciplinary girl has all the skills to handle a plethora of activities, which in her case are always on the borderline of passion & business dedication.